Dear MAG Family,

First of all Pastor comes to you today with a very thankful heart and spirit because of what happened yesterday in our services.  I am thankful both to God, the Holy Spirit, and each of you that allowed the love of God to flow through you. Pastor must revisit yesterday morning with you just for a moment and I will try to make it as brief as possible, and the reason is for us to remember and mark the time of visitation that we had with the Spirit of God. 
Next, I encourage each of you to go to our website and social media and watch the service again of yesterday morning.   Pastor wants to remind you of a scripture reference that the Holy Spirit took us to and it’s found in Is. 62: 6-7, “I have set watchmen upon the wall and they shall never hold their peace day or night, ye that make mention of the Lord keep not silent.  And give Him no rest, till He establishes and till He makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth.”
This is a picture of the faithful watchmen upon the walls of an eastern city that keeps calling out day and night all things that pertains to their life and any danger that may be approaching.  It’s a shadow and type of the watchful love and care of Immanuel, (God with us) that God has for those in fellowship with Him for oppressed people, and remember, “those that are in fellowship with Him for the oppressed”, that’s very important because of what took place in our services yesterday.
The wording of verse 7, “And give Him no rest” is speaking of the Lord.  The watchmen (Pastors and Preachers) are to constantly importune (to be persistent) to the Lord regarding His Promises and that they are carried out, and that all His Promises is fulfilled in the lives of those that have fellowship with the Lord.
You can see this again in the parable of the three loaves in Luke 11: 5-8, where the Lord was importuned to arise out of bed, even though it was midnight, and to “lend three loaves”.  The answer at first was a negative response, but because of “his importunity He will arise and give him as many loaves as he needs. 
Please understand Pastor, it’s not that the Lord forgets or that we have to badge Him to bring forth an answers to our request that we make of Him, but it’s designed this way that you faith, “the one that is asking God for something”, your faith will be strengthened. That’s what Pastor was saying yesterday when I stated that we were to try and wear God out.  “Give God No Rest”, when it comes to your request of Him, you will not stress God out, wear God out, nor will He get weary in hearing you. 
Please hear Pastor now, for you who give in your tithes and offerings, for you that gave to the 4 ladies that choses life instead of abortion their babies, for you that are faithful to God and have fellowship with the Lord, the Holy Spirit spoke to you yesterday and I want you to hear it again and go listen to it again.
This is the exact wording of the interpretation of tongues that was given to us; “For yea I say unto thee; I have spoken in the past and I have seen your works.  I have seen My love through you, I have watched as My Spirit has touched your life and how that you have grown from here to there and how My Power and My Grace has been evident in thy life, and I say unto thee; know you not that you are not the tail but you are the head.  You are not beneath but you are above and I say to you this day WATCH.  I will show you My good works and you will see My Gifting’s, and My Power, and My Blessings in your life, because you have done such a thing.”
That from the Holy Spirit was a direct manifestation of the preached Word and the evidence of the love each of you that were part of what was going on in the service and also the reward that was coming to your life for what you had given to the oppressed and the promise from God for us to WATCH FOR THE BLESSING OF GOD TO COME TO YOUR LIFE.
Church I know of no greater conformation of the Word of God that could be exposed to your life than that.  Get ready to see the hand of God on you, in you, and expect the very gifting’s, power, and blessing of God upon you in such a way that it excels anything that you have yet to experience from the Lord.
In my very limited ability, I am so thankful for what is taking place in each of our times of coning together to worship the Lord and hear from His Word.  I can tell you in almost 40 years of Ministry, I have never seen it or heard it on this fashion before.
For the phone calls that are coming in, the emails, the testimonies that we are hearing, the lives that are being touched, I give God all the praise, but it’s happening because of your fellowship with the Lord.  As I shared yesterday, there will be times that we have to shed tears along the way, but my what a promise that we have from the Holy Ghost Himself for us to Watch and see what God does in our lives because of us loving and being used of God.
So this week, be blessed and try your best to wear God out.  Keep worshiping, keep praying, keep expecting, and even though we know our God does not sleep or slumber, go to Him like He is taking a nap and you want to wake Him up and know that God hears you and give God no rest. 
Expect big things from God, great miracles from God, mountain moving and valley exalting things from the Lord.  Wear your Tee shirts and “chose life” and know that God has charge us with His own words to “Watch” watch what He is about to do for us.  
Love you all and Pastors heart is just waiting to see all that God does for each of you that has been in faithful fellowship with Him.  Wow I just can’t wait to see it all.  Be Blessed.
Until all are reached,
Pastor White

"...from a heart full of thankfulness..."

Dear MAG, 

First of all let me say that I do pray you are enjoying this beautiful day that the Lord has given us. To all our students, teachers, and bus drivers, please know that Pastor kept his word and this morning, around 3:30 – 5:30, you were being prayed for.

Next let me say from a heart full of thankfulness, “God bless you” for giving to our van fund and I am praying that you will be rewarded openly for giving to this very much needed tool to reach out and touch our world around us. Pastor will be giving you more updates on our van progress within the next few days.

Also, for you that were here yesterday morning, all I can say is that I know the King walked among us. I have looked at the video and I can honestly say that even as great as God has moved in the past and is moving now, yesterday it was by His choice He walked among us and His did reveal His Glory to us. 

There was a level of Glory that filled this house that far surpassed anything to date. As Katie and the choir and the platform family began to sing these words unto the Lord the very atmosphere of the Sanctuary was charged with His presence; “The One who made the blind to see, is standing right in front of me...The One, who made the deaf to hear, is silencing my every fear...I believe in you, you’re the God of Miracles. The One who does impossible, is reaching out to make me whole...The One who puts death in its place, His life is flowing through my veins; I believe in You, You’re the God of miracles...The God who brings the dead to life, You’re the God of Miracles...The God who was and is to come, the power of the risen one, The God who brings the dead to life, You’re the God of Miracles, the God of Miracles.” 

Pastor really looked at those words today. This whole song is being sung unto the One that is standing in front of the worshiper, and that is Jesus. It was by His own choosing He walked among us yesterday, He spoke to us and told us so. I think we should start every time of prayer with those words.  

I will let you go for now, but I do pray that you were blessed as much as Pastor was yesterday.  God is so good and Pastor just wanted you all to know that I really enjoyed our time with the Holy Spirit. Be blessed and I hope to see you shortly.

Until all are reached,

Pastor White