"...from a heart full of thankfulness..."

Dear MAG, 

First of all let me say that I do pray you are enjoying this beautiful day that the Lord has given us. To all our students, teachers, and bus drivers, please know that Pastor kept his word and this morning, around 3:30 – 5:30, you were being prayed for.

Next let me say from a heart full of thankfulness, “God bless you” for giving to our van fund and I am praying that you will be rewarded openly for giving to this very much needed tool to reach out and touch our world around us. Pastor will be giving you more updates on our van progress within the next few days.

Also, for you that were here yesterday morning, all I can say is that I know the King walked among us. I have looked at the video and I can honestly say that even as great as God has moved in the past and is moving now, yesterday it was by His choice He walked among us and His did reveal His Glory to us. 

There was a level of Glory that filled this house that far surpassed anything to date. As Katie and the choir and the platform family began to sing these words unto the Lord the very atmosphere of the Sanctuary was charged with His presence; “The One who made the blind to see, is standing right in front of me...The One, who made the deaf to hear, is silencing my every fear...I believe in you, you’re the God of Miracles. The One who does impossible, is reaching out to make me whole...The One who puts death in its place, His life is flowing through my veins; I believe in You, You’re the God of miracles...The God who brings the dead to life, You’re the God of Miracles...The God who was and is to come, the power of the risen one, The God who brings the dead to life, You’re the God of Miracles, the God of Miracles.” 

Pastor really looked at those words today. This whole song is being sung unto the One that is standing in front of the worshiper, and that is Jesus. It was by His own choosing He walked among us yesterday, He spoke to us and told us so. I think we should start every time of prayer with those words.  

I will let you go for now, but I do pray that you were blessed as much as Pastor was yesterday.  God is so good and Pastor just wanted you all to know that I really enjoyed our time with the Holy Spirit. Be blessed and I hope to see you shortly.

Until all are reached,

Pastor White