"Son, tell them. And fail not in doing so..."

Rev. Mike and Debbie White, Senior Pastors


Mike White has been the Senior Pastor of Milligan Assembly of God since 2008.  Many people would describe Pastor White using one word: real. As a Pastor, he displays tremendous faith, strong leadership, an unbridled passion to reach those who do not know Christ, and confidence through the knowledge that nothing is too hard for God. And as an individual, he displays exactly the same characteristics. His deep love for those he leads and dedication to his calling do not end when he steps away from the pulpit.

Pastor White delivers the Word of God without restraint, without compromise, and without excuse. He preaches truth in the fear of the Lord and with the knowledge that he will be accountable for what he tells, or fails to tell, those he leads. The content and straight-forward delivery of Pastor White's messages are heavily influenced by a defining moment in which the Holy Spirit spoke to him and said, "Son, tell them. And fail not in doing so..."

On any given Sunday, you can hear Pastor White make reference to his "lady." He will also be the first to tell you that behind every good man stands an even better woman. Sis. White, or Pastor's "lady," stands behind her husband 100% in everything that he does. Like many Pastors' wives, Sis. White wears several different hats. From wonderfully presenting dynamic Sunday School Curriculum to cooking the best chocolate cake to ever touch your taste buds, she is excellent at whatever she puts her hands to do. However, many would tell you that there is one thing she does best: giving a warm, motherly hug at the moment you need it the most.

Operating together, in total agreement in every aspect of their lives, Pastor and Sis. White are a powerful team that the Holy Spirit is using greatly in the "last of the last days." Their deep love for God, their very evident love for one another, and their sincere love for those they lead are guaranteed to leave you encouraged and feeling right at home.


Invite Pastor White to speak

God has placed a desire in the heart of Pastor White to see a harvest of souls brought to the Kingdom in these last days. Pastor's heart is to carry this Gospel where the Holy Spirit directs him to go. With that said, if you would like Pastor White to come minister at your church or event, please fill out the form below. When submitted, this form will be sent to our office for prayerful consideration. We look forward to partnering with you and your ministry.