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Rev. Mike & Debbie White, Senior Pastors

Rev. Mike & Debbie White, Senior Pastors

Operating together, in total agreement in every aspect of their lives, Pastor and Sis. White are a powerful team that the Holy Spirit is using greatly is the "last of the last days." Their deep love for God, their very evident love for one another, and their sincere love for those they lead are guaranteed to leave you encouraged and feeling right at home.

Rev. Jesse & Jillian Jernigan, Associate Youth Pastors/Worship Pastor

With a mind like "tar" (everything sticks), Pastor Jesse could best be described as the "total package." He is responsible for multiple ministry positions and administrative responsibilities and oversees them with excellence as unto the Lord. Pastor White describes Pastor Jesse as his spiritual "Timothy," for he knows what it means to truly take on the heart and vision of his leader. Essentially, Pastor Jesse is the 27 year old version of Pastor White. He and his wife, Jillian, are the proud parents of three beautiful girls, who are FULL of personality.


Rev. Scott & Lisa Adams, Associate Pastors

Since joining the pastoral staff of Milligan Assembly as Associate Pastors, Pastor Scott and Lisa Adams have made our church body more complete. Serving as Associate Pastors, they assist Pastor White with various ministry responsibilities. A man of few words, Pastor Scott possesses wisdom far beyond his years. He and his wife, Lisa, are the epitome of having a humble heart, a kind spirit, and a willing attitude. If you are ever hard-pressed to find a smile or happy face, you can look to this sweet couple and find one every time. At first glance, Pastor Scott has a somewhat quiet personality. However, when the Holy Spirit uses him to preach, you will end up on the edge of your seat, finding his excitement rather contagious ("HEYYYY")!


Pastor Bobby & Linda Barlow, Prayer Pastors

Serving as our faithful prayer ministers are Pastor Bobby and Linda Barlow. If you get the privilege of hearing Pastor Bobby pray, you will know that what you are hearing is nothing short of a direct connection to Heaven. Pastor Bobby and his lady sacrifice sleep many nights, as they intercede for the needs of the congregation of Milligan Assembly. The love that this couple has for their Savior, for one another, and for their neighbor is very genuine. Chances are when you find one of them, you have found them both because they are practically inseparable. Furthermore, you will seldom leave their presence without receiving a "God bless you" from one, if not both, of them.

Sheila Fowler, Secretary/Pastor's Personal Assistant

If you call the church office, chances are you will hear this sweet lady on the other end. Serving as secretary and Pastor's personal assistant, Sheila Fowler could be described as the team mom. Her office is always open for a word of encouragement, prayer, a hug or helping hand, a good laugh, and snacks! On multiple occasions, Pastor White has stated he is not sure what he would do without Sis. Sheila. She is a true woman of God and an overall great lady to have around. For questions concerning church membership, baby dedications, getting baptized, or any other general questions, Sis. Sheila is the best person to contact!


Jacob Allen, Administrative Assistant/FLC Manager

Joining our staff at the beginning of 2016, Jacob and his wife, Alex, have a heart to serve. With both being raised at Milligan Assembly, this couple will be the first to tell you that there is nothing like the comfort found in having a "home church" filled with those who truly love you. Jacob is involved in our media ministry, event scheduling, and is responsible for various administrative duties. In 2014, he received a Bachelor's Degree in the study of Health, Leisure, & Exercise Science from the University of West Florida and oversees our new Family Life Center.


Michael Adams, Administrative Assistant

Michael is the newest addition to our ministry staff and we are so blessed to have him on our team. With more giftings than room here to explain, his positive attitude & excitement towards every ministry task he sets out to do is always very evident. Michael is passionate about anything that involves music and is the band director for our platform ministry. Like all of our staff, this young man has a deep love and great appreciation for the spiritual house he serves at. EXTREMELY talented musically, Michael actually learned to play the keyboard by watching our services on livestream.