All of our giving options are integrated, meaning you will receive a contribution statement of your giving, regardless of what giving method you choose!



To give by text message, simply text any amount (ex. "$20") to 84321 and follow the instructions in the link provided. Once set up, Text-to-Give is an extremely fast, easy, and secure way to give. We know what you're thinking, "What if little Sally gets Mommy's phone and makes a generous donation of $1,000??" Don't worry. While we would appreciate her generosity, just type “Refund” within 30 minutes and the transaction will not be processed!

Online Giving

Through Online Giving, you have the ability to give, see and print your giving history, set up recurring donations, and more!

Church Center App


Download the Church Center App, select our church and you’re all set! From within the app, you can give a one-time gift, set up recurring payments, see upcoming events and more!

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Tither's Blessing

I proclaim financial increase upon you and your house. As you give of your Tithes & Offerings, I call in jobs for those of you who are unemployed. I call in better jobs for those of you who desire and need them. I bless you for a breakthrough, where what has been clogged up and restricted will begin to flow normally again.

Because of your obedience in His Tithes and Offerings, I declare God’s favor to be upon you so that those things that have been tied up in the courts (such as inheritances, settlements, and estates) will be released so you may enjoy what God meant to be rightfully yours. God has stated that He wishes you to prosper so, therefore, I speak a blessing to come upon those of you who work in sales and commissions, that opportunities be attracted to you and that God prospers you in an extraordinary way.

I speak over this giving congregation that opportunities for advancements will come to you. I also call forth raises and bonuses. I call back to your residence, wallets and bank accounts, what Satan attempted to steal from you as with Job in the Bible, I speak that you be restored double what was lost or stolen.

The Lord rejoices over His Children and He delights to see us happy and blessed. As you obey Him in His Tithes & Offerings, I believe He will open up for you the windows of heaven and pour out blessings that will require you to make more room to receive them all.

For those of you that God has blessed as entrepreneurs, may your mind be inspired with Godly ideas and inventions so that you can prosper. For those of you who own your own business, may blessings be so abundant that your company can bless its employees with good pay and package benefits.

I speak a spirit of abundance upon this congregation. May God miraculously bring you out of debt so that the stress of debt and the burden of debt will release your minds, bringing you into a new peace and a new reality of financial freedom so that you and your house may serve God in newness and joy! May you and your house begin to enjoy plenty so you may give liberally and generously in offerings as well as alms to the poor.

I bless you in Jesus name, as you bring your Tithes & Offerings into this storehouse! Amen.

(Mal. 3: 10-11)

Pastor White